Projects, Skills and Hobbies

Teaching & Coaching

It is always a pleasure for me to teach something I know to somebody who wants to learn it. Basically, I can teach anything from music to design, from computer support to web engineering, from practical household tricks to complex project realisation, travelling and life itself. I offer private classes in English and German on an advanced level and basics in Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Web development

I design and maintain websites, be it free style design, a web application or a wordpress site. It is where I like to live out my visual creativity and bring in good ideas to improve everything to its perfection.

Media production

I like doing photography, audio engineering and video production.

Experimental Singing

Based on my choir philosophy, I realise projects for passionate singers.

Music creation

I improvise a lot on the piano and the quena (Andean flute) to develop musical ideas. I compose songs and write choral pieces. Currently, I am creating a bachata song and an orchestral soundtrack.